This 79 page eBook explains how to go about getting your first DJ gig and how to develop a successful brand strategy.



This guide will teach you

How to develop a success strategy, and overcome limitations

What your skills needs to be like to get a gig

How to develop a brand identity

How to market yourself effectively

How to network and why it is essential

How you should approach clubs and gigs

What promoters look for in a DJ

How to stay on track and deal with politics



The DJ behind the guide

Hi, my name is Mike Power.

I am the founder of The DJ Disclosure.

I felt very inspired to write this book as I feel there is a big lack of awareness and perhaps confusion as to what you should do to get DJ gigs, especially if you’re looking for your first one. After being asked time and time again by many DJ’s, I felt something has to be done. There are just too many unanswered questions, and DJ’s basically just need to know more on the topic.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and I love music like you, that's why I am still a currently involved in the music industry. I have also been lucky enough to play some life changing gigs with over eight years of experience in the industry, (full story here). But it has not come easy and there has been a lot of hard work effort and many disappointments along the way.

It can also be extremely hard to get your foot in the door and even get given a shot. That's why I want to help you to the best of my ability with this book. So all I ask is for you to approach it with an open mind, take the action steps and most of all have fun with it.

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