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Stop looking at your DJ idols as superhuman

We have all been guilty of doing it, putting our DJ idols on a pedestal. It might not even be a DJ; it could be anyone, like an actor, model or a sportsman you have seen on T.V or Social Media. The fact is we all have people who we want to be like, people we admire and want to learn from. We want to know how they got to where they are. We think that they are somewhat superhuman or perhaps just gifted where we can sometimes think we are not, and we are just the unlucky ones. I am going to talk about a few things here first, such as why you should not put a DJ on a pedestal. The second thing the mindset of a successful DJ and how we can adopt something that is called the Growth Mindset.

How Mike Monday's mastermind group saved my music career

This is an essential read for any music producer that struggles to get the results they are looking for in their music career. In this article, I will cover the importance of being held accountable for your goals. I will talk about why surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essential for growth motivation and goal achievement. And why perfectionism costs you time and will destroy any progress at a rapid rate.