5 things that helped me get my focus back as a producer

Do you ever feel like you have a major distraction or perhaps a concentration problem? I certainly did and sometimes I still feel like this; I have just learned to manage it in order to finish more music. If you feel like you have lost your creative mojo and lack some drive, motivation and discipline like I did, then this blog will most definitely serve you well.

All I ask is that you give at least a couple of these activities a go.

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Meditating is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
Why would you want to meditate and how can it increase focus?

Well, for starters it will help you concentrate better when it comes to the music production process, as it did for me. Also, being a very analytical thinker and problem solver, it helped calm my mind and took off the slight anxiety and impatience I had when I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere in my studio sessions. Here’s another blog with a long list of benefits you can get once you start cultivating the habit to meditate:

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This is another way to improve your concentration and increase focus. It forces you to be more present and keep your mind on one thing at a time and it also increases willpower. These days it’s too easy to get distracted if reading online, and all that happens is you end up scrolling down your Facebook wall or get a notification by someone demanding your attention. Become more of a dedicated learner and also reap the reward of becoming a more focused producer; really, there are two benefits in one.

If you’re not a reader, a simple exercise I have used is from personal development guru Bob Proctor. He suggests drawing a small dot on a sheet of paper or a notepad. Place it on the wall, stand anywhere from one to two meters away and stare at that dot for up to five minutes a day. Bob suggests doing this for 90 days every morning and night, but be warned - it’s extremely tough. I could only last about 30 days or so. This strengthens discipline, concentration and willpower. After doing so, you will have wired your brain for laser-like focus, and will be less prone to small distractions.

Focus on high-priority activities

Focusing on the right activities to move you forward in the music production world is absolutely essential. There is just so much we can get lost doing when it comes to being creative and writing music. When I started to work on the major priorities like competition, workflow and arrangement, I learned that I could achieve more work output and overcome my problems faster instead of trying to think my way through it all the time.

Learn to set a mini goal or outcome on the highest priority task before you sit down in front of your D.A.W - just one. It will make all the difference.

Work out at the gym

I used to be the type of person that said, “I don’t have enough time, working out is not important to me,” but I was wrong. I used to be very lethargic and flat before I sat in front of my computer; I lacked energy and my creativity was diminishing by the day. So, I decided to change my approach and form the habit of going to the gym. Even after one session I would notice a difference if I sat in front of the computer after a workout.

It changed my state, which basically means mood/attitude. I felt fresh, more energized and motivated to completely smash out a productive studio session. I could get more into the flow, which made me enjoy my sessions better, instead of watching the clock to see when it would all be over.

Not checking Social Media

The last and the worst, Social Media. This is the biggest threat to any producer’s dopamine and concentration levels. I still battle with this one running two online businesses; it’s hard, so how can you manage it best?
Well, what I did was learn to avoid checking any emails, notifications, texts and Social Media until my most important tasks were complete, especially with regards to music production.

I am not saying don’t use Social Media, just use it at the right time, such as after you have completed the day’s studio work or your most important business tasks. You don’t want to diminish your dopamine levels before you have to do your best creative work. Here is another great article on how you can increase your dopamine levels daily to get the most out of your day:

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I hope this post has helped you! Feel free to share and comment below.

Posted on April 19, 2017 and filed under Music production.