What DJ’s can post on social media when stuck

Do you ever find yourself running out of ideas for posts on Facebook or Instagram? Perhaps you don’t know what to post that will catch the attention of people to grow your following as a DJ. I can tell you, I sometimes get stuck for ideas and ways to add value; I think we all do. In this blog, I want to talk about how you can create valuable posts for your followers that are going to be more engaging, and it doesn't always have to revolve around your music.

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The problems with music posts

That’s right, I said it, music posts. We are in a saturated market of music related content. I don’t really need to go into much more detail on that, as I think you know it already. When DJ’s like you and I want to post something on our Facebook page, we mainly think in just terms of music, and that the only thing that our followers would be interested in is just that.

The hard truth to swallow is that music is becoming more and more of a commodity and less and less valuable to the masses and our audience. Sure, we perceive it as valuable because we spend so much time on it, so we want or expect others to think the same way. The reality is the people who will care the most about your music are your raving fans, and it is much more of a harder slog to get more followers when people have never heard of you when you post music.

It is also only 1 avenue of communication, while there can be other ways to attract new followers to your brand.

What do people care most about on Social Media?

Valuable content that makes a difference in their lives. Once you work out that people are really interested in what’s in it for them, then you gain a different insight into how you can create valuable content, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Snapchat.

People want to be educated or entertained, not just a passive listener to your music. So, what can you do?

What can you post?

When I get stuck, I find out by researching what resonates with my audience. I want to add value to new potential followers so there are a few things I can do.

Make up a branded inspirational, motivational, or educational quote on Instagram. Yes, there are plenty out there, but they work, and not everybody is going to think like you. They get people interested and engaged.

Write a blog or do a video for your brand page or website. Stuck for ideas? You could do a review on a podcast or book that would help your audience solve a problem or educate them on a topic inside or outside of music. Examples: Productivity, Personal Growth, Health & Fitness, Product reviews. These things mentioned will help you become a better DJ/Producer, by the way.

Teach your followers how to write music or become a better DJ/Producer, marketer. Basically, offer valuable knowledge. Don’t just write endless posts saying listen to my new track.

Share big DJ influencer articles or videos. It has to be something your fans can relate to and that is hot at the moment. It can also be outside of Music, for example, a marketing video by Gary Vaynerchuck.

Get a conversation started to ask questions to your fans? What are their needs? Is it really only just music? Perhaps start a forum?

Why do these types posts work?

Because you can relate better to the average person on more levels besides just the music, which will help your brand deliver more engaging posts. If you can keep doing it on a consistent basis, you will start to build more rapport with people, and they will be more suggestible to listen to your new music. If it’s helped me, it can help you too.

In a world where there is an abundance of information and extreme overload, any content you post has to be well constructed with the other person’s needs and interests in mind. Thinking outside of the box and not following what everybody else is doing can be key, but if you are stuck for ideas for a post, simply borrow some ideas and make a few changes to make content curation your own.
It’s far better to post great, valuable content 4 times a week then post average content 7 days a week.

Posted on March 14, 2017 and filed under Music marketing.