DJ Marketing Tips: 6 highly effective Instagram tips

Instagram for DJs and music producers is such an awesome social media tool.
It allows you to get straight to the point and spread your message and personality.
In this blog, I reveal key take away tips to build your Instagram following fast, and I point out some of the not so obvious traps many DJs and music producers fall into when trying to build a following.

Don’t ask for a follow unless you give people your attention

How often do we consistently get these type of messages?
“Hi, my name is John Smith, follow me on Instagram or listen to my latest track”
I don’t know about you, but do you ever listen to their track or follow them with a poor pitch like this? I sure don’t. If someone took an interest in me first, complimented, or at least took 1 minute to get to know who I am and what I do, I would be more inclined to listen to their music and follow them.

This is the most important key here; build rapport first then ask for the follow. It only takes one minute of your time. Write out a key pitch that is one, maybe two, sentences long and leaves the other person with the impression you admire what they do or their work, compliment them, and respect their time by not asking they give it to you straight away. You want to trigger a happy positive feel good emotion that makes others want to notice you and respect you.

This is how rapport is built.

Be more of an engager by complimenting

As this builds on the last point when it comes to building a following on Instagram, we, as DJs, must engage more with other people, rather than posting everyday.
We are not Hardwell or Martin Garrix; most people are not interested in seeing another music related post, because we have yet to build a connection with people. What I mean to say is that people follow other people they feel they have a connection to. If you spend each day complimenting 5 - 10 Instagram accounts related to your target audience and share similar interest, you can get people to notice you.

To save time, design and save some pre-made compliments to your notes on your iPhone and keep using the same ones. Examples of compliments could be:

This pic is just too good ;), love your work keep it up, your page inspires me :). These comments are some I have used for an example; also make this a repeated action on the same accounts. I use the give, give ask approach, which means compliment them twice then send them your perfect pitch by direct message on Instagram. This works for me, so perhaps give it a go.

Post more valuable DJ and music related content

We need to show people our personality and what inspires us, what we represent as a DJ, and our message and the impression we want to give people. Music related content is only valuable if there is a meaning behind it or a purpose. Unless you have 10,000 followers, nobody really cares about what we had for dinner last night and the food pictures that go with it, unless we have a food sponsor.

Just think, does our brand really represent food as a message? If you are running out of ideas, don’t reinvent the wheel; look at what others are doing and what they are not to grab ideas, then adopt that and use it from your perspective.

DJ related hashtags matter

Use your target market’s hashtags. What do I mean by this? Use popular hashtags that describe our pictures, videos, and what we represent. Examples could be like #djs, #digitaldj, #musicproducer, #trance, #trancefamily, #pioneerdj, #tomorrowland and #yourhashtag. We can use big name DJ’s hashtags as well to get more attention to your post, the more the merrier. The more hashtags we use, the more people will see our post.

I use anywhere between 20 - 28 hashtags in each post, but I make sure the hashtags are hidden by writing a good one sentence description or statement to go with the picture, so people don’t see the hashtags when they look at my description. This stops my post from looking spammy and trashy.  

The Music Marketing Academy by Budi Voogt

The Music Marketing Academy by Budi Voogt

Be consistent and schedule your post

Do your best and post once a day to make an impact; consistency is the key to growth. I know personally it can be difficult with so much going on, but try to develop the habit to post at the same time each day, as long as it is the best time for your Instagram following. In this photo, we can check to see when our followers are the most active, our best peak times and days to post.

Once we figure that out, we can then develop a content strategy.

Create an Instagram strategy  

Make your photos look professional by branding them. Use your DJ logo or symbol and put it over the top of your photo, down on the bottom or top left corner. This does 3 things; it not only makes you look like a professional brand, but it also leaves people with a name to remember you by. And if your message and picture is good enough, they will share it, and people will see more of your brand and be inclined to follow you.

I use the iPhone app Wordswag for all my photo and logo editing. I suggest it could be a great tool for you, too.

Variation is the key, as well. I might post a video one day, photo the next, then use Instagram stories for people to get to know the face behind my brand.
I also found I get more Instagram story video views if I post a photo, then do an Instagram story 30 minutes after the initial post. This creates my hype around my brand and story as I get more views.

I also create a call to action and ask them to CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO, after I have given value to other DJs out there. This allows them to check out my website and more of what I offer, like my blogs, YouTube videos, and how I can help in more detail. A question to ask yourself is what is the outcome for my post? Do I want to send people to my website or Soundcloud? Or do I just want to see how many likes or followers I can get on my photos?

I hope this has helped you get valuable insight into how I use Instagram to build my brand.

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Posted on September 19, 2016 and filed under Music marketing.