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How to educate a difficult crowd as a DJ

In this blog, I wanted to write about an experience I had two weeks ago playing a six-hour set and what I learned about controlling and educating a very commercial, predictable crowd, with music that was very uncommercial at times. I felt I made a big breakthrough, so I wanted to share my experience and how you can benefit from it, when you are playing to a commercial crowd at your next DJ gig in the clubs.

Posted on May 23, 2017 and filed under DJ skills.

Create great DJ mixes that get attention

DJ mixes are like an employee’s resume for a job interview; they show experience, your style, sound, genre and give you an insight into who you are as a DJ. They have to be great to get the attention and keep the attention of people to rack up the plays, likes, gain fans and to get DJ gigs. In this blog, I will suggest ways that can help you create great DJ mixes. This is the way I do my mixes and has worked for me over the last 9 years of DJing, so I think this will benefit you.