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4 Ways Promoters can book you for DJ Gigs

In this blog, I want to talk about what promoters look for when booking a DJ. Having been behind the scenes for a Melbourne premier trance promoter, Majik Entertainment, for three years, I learned many valuable things. This will help give you the perspective of what goes through the mind of a promoter. Here is how you to get DJ gigs at clubs

Posted on February 5, 2017 and filed under DJ Business.

5 effective networking tips for DJs

Networking is an essential skill for all DJ’s that want to know to how to get booked for DJ gigs. It is all about connecting with other people when it's time to grow a DJ following, your brand and getting more success in nightclubs and the music industry. When I started my journey as a Melbourne DJ, I had no clue about networking and how it would affect my career.

Being the introvert I was, I felt uncomfortable meeting new people, but if you want to get the gigs, you must go all in.
Here is what I have learnt and hope you gain some benefit from.