How to deal with rejection as a DJ

Rejection in the music industry is very frequent and expect to receive a lot of it if you are looking to climb the ladder of DJ success. Rejection is something you need to encounter and you most definitely will, not only in the music industry, but in life to grow as a person and achieve your own personal fulfilment.

As a Melbourne DJ I have gone through a lot of rejection to get where I wanted to go, so in this blog, I will explain what it can mean to be rejected, how to deal with it and how it can come down to being a numbers game.

Rejection as a DJ sucks

Let’s face it, every DJ does not enjoy hearing the word “NO” not interested or not getting a response when asking for a DJ gig, sending music to a record label, sending a DJ mix to a promoter or asking to perhaps become a promoter. Nobody likes to be turned down and fears rejection, yet everybody will at some point and perhaps many many times to get what they want.

So why do we let it bother us?

Well, it is because we don’t really understand it. Thus we take the negative perspective from these experiences, therefore we can let it define who we are as a DJ, music producer or more importantly a person. Then we carry this negative outlook on future opportunities whenever they come our way, or we go to take another attempted at what we want in our lives to gain what we call success.

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How can we deal with rejection to become successful?

Learn to embrace it and expect it. In the music industry, you have to learn to develop a thick skin, I sure did. To become successful, you have to become somewhat fearless. When it comes to getting want you what in the music industry and in life you have to develop courage and keep on going despite the setbacks we all face. The first thing to do is not worry about what other people think of you, people will like you, and people will be jealous and not like you; it’s all part of the game.

Don’t take it personally

It comes down to this whenever you get rejected it can mean a few things. The first one being Bad Communication, people can be ass holes, people can be rude, people can also not really understand you and perhaps you or them can be bad communicators. Communication is a massive problem for rejection and especially in the DJ business because things can be taken out of context and interpreted negatively by either person.

Sure, there will be the odd person that mistreats you and takes advantage of you, but I can tell you this is how you gain experience and learn what types of people you will want to deal with in the music industry as a DJ.

The second thing is we think that We Are Not Good Enough. Whenever we get rejected, we automatically take it to heart, we can think our music sucks and our DJ skills are not good enough, or we are not worthy of getting what we want. The fact is this, we are in a saturated marketplace of great DJs, music producers and great marketers. They are everywhere, and not everybody gets a chance to get what they want when they want, you may not fill a void that another DJ can fill at this present time, because there are just so many others out there that can do what you do, so it can be a matter of first in best dressed, or so-called luck.
Your skills may need developing also, but it is not a thing you should take to heart, because it is great for feedback. To know what you need to know to get what you want, it is a compass to growth and a step in the right direction for next time. Value that feedback.

Realise it is a numbers game

You have to play the game to succeed; my life coach once said that one in every ten emails and phone calls gets an interested response. That’s a 90 percent unsuccessful rate when you attempt to get a successful outcome, which can vary. But, remember everybody is busy running their own lives and not everybody is available for you, and you are not going to be everybody's cup of tea. It’s the law of averages, every DJ, music producer and person, in general, will encounter the same at some stage.

Rejection lets you and others know that at least you are putting yourself out there to get rejected, and it you are not getting rejected than perhaps you are not pushing past your comfort zone. If you are not pushing past your comfort zone you are not growing or trying hard enough, so the more rejection, the more chances of gaining DJ or any other success. Remember it’s a numbers game and one day your number is bound to come up.

Rejection does not define you

Don’t let rejection define your potential, your self-worth should never be defined by other people, and you should never take other people's opinions to heart. Many DJs and music producers define themselves from their musical ability. They are too attached to the outcome of their music. Therefore, when somebody says it is not good or it needs more work, it does not mean you are not good enough as a music producer, but it just means this is somebody else’s perception, which is not necessarily true. After all, it is just one person’s opinion, and it should not define who you are as a person, musician or DJ.