Why DJs leave the music industry

There can be many reasons why a DJ can leave the music industry, but in this blog, I want to touch on two of them. These are core fundamental reasons why people can give up on success in the music industry and any goals or dreams in life.
We have all been guilty of thinking like this occasionally, and it is a natural thing to do, but if we are not aware of how to control our thoughts, we can give up in pursuit of our dreams.

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Comparing yourself to other DJs and your inner critic

These are the core reasons why a DJ will give up. We all compare ourselves to other people in our field. We can set out on a new venture, a new big exciting goal, we are pumped, and we have a great deal of optimism for the future. However, it’s new and exciting for only so long, then we come up against our limitations, challenges, politics but more importantly ourselves, our inner critic.

You know the one I am talking about, the little voice inside your head that can doubt a positive future, the little voice that makes excuses and stories about what’s not achievable. The voice that compares yourself to other people in the music industry and puts pressure on you to compete with others. We can all do it to ourselves whether it’s in the music industry, another industry, or in general.
People will quit on a dream or goal because they let the false stories get to them and allow it to be the dominating force. They start to compare circumstances, they get jealous then criticise and then get jaded and leave the industry, I have seen it often and seen great potential go to waste.

Patience is needed in the music industry

We are constantly bombarded with a false image of success put right in front of our faces, we fall into the trap of seeing it as short term gratification, we don’t get given the whole story, and we don’t see the struggle and years and years of tireless hard work. Everybody wants a one-way ticket an easy solution, including short-term gratification and a quick win. Here is the painful reality to achieving fulfilling goals.

It is a long marathon, not a short sprint, and to last in the music industry, it comes down to one thing “patience”. This is why I love Gary Vaynerchuck’s videos as he explains it best.

People will usually give up because they have not reached a certain level of achievement that think they should be at, at a certain time. When DJs and people compare themselves to others, it is often a case of putting pressure on oneself, which eventually leads to not enjoying the journey and then eventually giving up on their dreams.

Progress measured is needed to achieve big things

It starts with measuring your progress towards a bigger goal or what I like to call a vision. People can get caught up in the politics, other people's negative false opinions and their false opinions of themselves, as they don’t measure their own progress enough. The realisation of progress is the ingredient that will fulfil you if you only see the goal and say to yourself I am so far away from the goal this is impossible and I will never make it. Instead, you have to look at your past or beginning and see the progress you have made since then. That's where the real rewards lie.

The goal is just the by-product of doing what you love over a sustained period of time, which should be music, not fame and fortune. So if you're waiting for that one special day to get praised, feel rewarded from social media or get that one thing you have always dreamed of, perhaps you will find yourself in a rut a lot of the time.

Also, don’t get caught up with envy or be jealous of other DJs or people in the music industry. Instead, focus on your objective and always measure the progress from the past to the present, the end goal and rewards come to those with patience and persistence; they go hand in hand. Draw back on your inspirations and reasons you love doing what you do and focus on that, as it will be a great key to overcoming any limitations and self-doubts you may have at the time.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a short sprint.

Posted on October 25, 2016 and filed under DJ Business.