5 reasons why you should become a DJ/Promoter

Think of this from another perspective; this could be a little bit of a wake-up call. To get DJ gigs we, DJ’s sometimes need to change our approach. If we have felt like we have exhausted all avenues, then this could be the one that might save your music career in the long run. So, here are five key tips why you should consider becoming the DJ/Promoter to get DJ gigs.

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1. Get to know key influences

To get DJ gigs, you need always to be developing ongoing relationships with key influencers in the music industry; trust me, it never stops. Becoming a promoter puts you in the inner circle of the right peer group of people, both DJ’s and promoters. It is how you can get in direct contact with promoters and nightclub owners after hours during the week at promoter meetings, which most other times it is hard to get in contact with the right people. Promoter meetings are held at least once or twice a month, depending on the nightclub or music event.

These are friendly environments where you get the chance to ask people how to become a part of the scene to help contribute and get the DJ gigs.

2. Learn how the music industry operates

This is essential to not only learn from the music industry and how it operates, but also what promoters look for in DJ’s, how they seek new talent, and also run a nightclub. Why do I need to know this, you might say? Because most likely, you only have a made up opinion on how things operate without fully understanding what goes on behind the scenes. A lot goes on behind the scenes, and it is extremely hard to run a successful nightclub and event these days. It can also teach you appreciation and gratitude on how like-minded, passionate music enthusiasts come together and put their finances on the line to create memorable nights.

3. DJ/promoter friendships boost your career

When I started out as a promoter, I was very unaware of the important role it would play in my career years later. Without it, I would not have come as far as I have today. I developed so many friendships that boosted my career; I learned from people that were clearly a level or two above me in the skills department in all areas. Like the DJ side, music production and promoting both myself and the nightclub better. Develop your skills quicker through mutual friendships.  

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4. Learn how to become a better promoter

Learn how to improve your promotional skills and how to avoid the not-so-obvious promoter mistakes. Everybody in life is a promoter of some kind, especially when you are a DJ. You are always promoting your music events and yourself to get heard in a flooded marketplace of DJ’s. Learn how to improve this skill by working with like-minded DJ’s and promoters.

5. Think of long term gain

You cannot just think of the one-off DJ gigs, as understanding the long-term gain is crucial to going places in the music industry. Don’t look at it as instant gratification, but more so a long term investment in your music career. Because it will eventually pay dividends.

Has becoming a promoter worked for you?

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