What you can do to get more exposure as a DJ

I am going to talk about taking a different path as a DJ in order to get more exposure. I am not going to give you a solution on what social media platforms you should be using or should not be using, or mention that you need to create another DJ mix or release a mash-up. I want to discuss why I believe it is a great idea to start using video to spread your message besides just sharing your music.

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Why we should do video as a DJ

While video is becoming so popular with all social media platforms now, we have to ask ourselves as DJ’s and music producers are we really using it effectively to communicate and share our message with our audience. I am not necessarily meaning sharing a 30 second clip of our music, all though it is very effective and commonly used on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. I want to go into more of the education side of things.

Communicating with your fans by video is a great way to interact because it builds more trust and authority, you can add value to people's lives by helping them solve a problem they may be having with their music careers at this present time. There are always problems that need to be solved in the music industry, and most people in the education world get paid to solve problems that are of a high quality or high demand. Getting more exposure in the music industry does not always have to be only about the music itself, it can come in the form of both education and entertainment as well. Why do you think so many funny music videos you see go viral, they are entertaining people and making them laugh, most people need a laugh every day when stuck in a boring day job, so it's effective.

They are music related, but you don't see them every minute of the day like you see music being passed around or shared. Now I am not saying you have to come up with another funny cat video with music playing in the background, but my point is, it’s all about thinking outside of the box. A lot of DJs and music producers like you are very curious to find out how other people in the music industry go about their business. I have found personally that both DJs, music producers and most people as a whole need inspiration on a day to day basis.

If you can have the courage to share your message and what you stand for as a DJ, help educate and inspire people, you will find it is another way for them to take interest in you besides just your music. They may be more inclined to have a listen to what you play as a DJ. My point here is to become more of a personality when doing video, as people not only remember your face and how you come across but more importantly they remember how you make them feel.

Music is a message

Your music is an extension of who you are and how you wish to express yourself to the world, without face to face interaction and talking to someone, you connected with them through your music. But you don't have to be limited by the music all the time, just think to yourself that no matter where you are in your DJ or music career, that there are many people out there that will not be as experience as you in a given area of their DJ or music career, and they may need you help. You don’t have to be a DJ superstar or have certificates on the wall to help people, all though some people think you do, I believe your voice matters as long as you can add value to someone's life.

Make sure it is valuable

Whatever you want to share with the world is up to you at the end of the day, as long as it is:

Valuable - Enhances someone's life by learning something new or helping solve a problem. It could also be a form of entertainment, like something funny or appealing.

Music Related - As long as it ties into the music industry and it’s relevant. You could be sharing past experiences and advice, showing yourself DJing live on videoor using the Facebook live function that seems to be very effective now.

The takeaway here is to think of new ways you can get exposure as a DJ or music producer, what can you provide that others don’t?

That I will have to leave up to you ;)

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Posted on July 19, 2016 and filed under DJ Business.