7 sure-fire ways to never get a DJ gig again

The best 7 ways to make sure you never play a DJ gig again at your favourite nightclub. I have personally seen all of these scenarios happen first hand after 9 years working in the music industry in Melbourne as a promoter/DJ. This is your route to failure as a DJ.

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Arrive late to DJ gigs, leave early

A promoter can't stand a DJ that arrives 5 minutes before a set and never watches the other DJs before hand. Then after the playing of one's DJ set, decides to leave immediately making up excuses why they have to leave immediately and not be able to network with the crowd of fans, others DJs and getting to know other promoters that work for the nightclub. Make a habit of this and expect never to get
 DJ gigs again.

Never show respect for other DJs

As this ties in with the last paragraph. By showing up to your set 5 minutes before hand, you will never know how to start off your set or more to the point where to take it. Asking yourself do I have to build up the energy, or take it down a notch? Usually, you are prone to not stay in a consistent flow and progression of the other DJ sets and you will more than likely overstep the next DJ by playing too hard, like banger after banger with no flow, or killing the buzz of the energy from the previous DJ set by playing too cautious and not making progress.

The other thing is to play repeated music that other DJs have previously played. Mistakes happen, but if you play another DJs music before they play it, especially the main act, expect to be given first class one-way ticket straight to the departure lounge.

Do you remember when this happened to Eric Prydz?

Read it again here

Never promote the nightclub you play at

Not promoting actively and hyping up the events you get the privilege to play at,
will indeed piss off your fellow DJs and promoters. Every DJ is their own promoter, it’s as simple as that. You’re not separate from the people that pay you and promote you, you are a team, and your objective is to put on a great show and get people into the nightclub the best way you can. The DJs are more influential than the rest of the promoters, DJ names bring in numbers, therefore your name must be omnipresent, and you have the most power to do that.

Never bringing your tribe into a nightclub

Not bringing sufficient numbers into the nightclub as a DJ is an instant killer.
Remember it is business as usual, a nightclub needs people to keep it operational.
If you cannot add value by bringing in the people that should support you at your DJ gigs, expect to get the flick. Every DJ must build their tribe, and that tribe must be loyal to that DJ, as that DJ must be loyal and be of value and influential to that tribe.

What's the takeaway here?

Become a person of high value, build your tribe, only then will you become influential as more people will want to support you.

Distancing yourself from the audience

A DJ must become one with the crowd, not separated. Nobody likes an arrogant, egocentric DJ that gives no one the time of day. I have seen my fair share, and they are still out there. Also people can get the wrong impression if you are more of an introverted type of DJ like I was. If you are not into small talk at least try to say hi, smile and ask in the interest of others to generate conversation.

Promoters love a people’s person because they have more of a potential to draw numbers in, so it pays to become a great networker. Just make the effort so you don't screw up the only chance you have for the DJ gig.

Make excuses why you cannot sell tickets

DJs usually sell tickets personally and should at a basic club level. If you are participating in an event, you should play your part and contribute by selling tickets to the event you are playing at. It also depends on the nightclub or events policy, but when asked to do so play your part and do not make excuses why you cannot sell what you think you can sell. Honesty is the best policy and bullshitters get caught out. If you continually make excuses, don’t expect to progress any further in the music industry.

Bringing bad company with you to your gigs

Your vibe attracts your tribe and the atmosphere you create inside and outside the nightclub either makes or breaks the night. The people you surround yourself with will determine how far you will go in the music industry. Nobody likes trouble in a nightclub, and that's why they shut down, people overdosing on drugs, causing fights inside or just outside of a nightclub get the attention of police, then the media, then suddenly, if makes the paper and there is a public outrage and the nightclub must shut down. It has happened too often, and it destroys the future of our music and nightclub industry here in Melbourne.

It only takes that one person to destroy the party, so just make sure it’s not one of your mates. After all, the quality of people determines the success of the night, not just the DJs perfomance.

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Posted on August 30, 2016 and filed under DJ Business.