How to become a promoter

I want to continue from the last blog, as I was talking about the five reasons you should become a DJ/Promoter. Today, I want to discuss how you can become a promoter and a part of the music industry in Melbourne. This is all about the how to in this blog, not the why; if you missed out on the previous blog I urge you to visit it “here”.

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Show that you're passionate about the music industry

People often ask me how can I become a promoter, especially in Melbourne’s Trance scene, and really get involved in the music industry. Here is the first thing to grasp. To be a part of the music industry, you must have and show a strong passion for wanting to see the scene grow, not just thinking what can you get from it. By seeing the music industry grow with your help, that should feel like a success to you.

The first step to take is just to show up consistently as the passionate music enthusiast you are to the chosen nightclub you regularly visit. Become a regular and build an association with that club and its people. Examples like bar staff, promoters, DJ’s, “Security” (for the right reasons) and the patrons. Network and “be seen in the scene” as I like to say. Ask the promoters when their next promoter’s meeting will be held.

Show up to promoter meetings

Arriving on time to a promoter’s meeting is so important as it shows you are punctual, reliable and makes a great first impression straight away. A promoter will want to know a few things about you, such as your interests, what you can do to help contribute to the nightclub or event, how many people you can bring, and what type of people can you bring. Examples like clean cut and well-dressed people, more girls than boys or vice versa.

A promoter meeting is a welcoming environment that encourages like-minded people to help run and promote a nightclub or event. It is also a great place to meet new people, build music industry friendships and have your say on how you could improve the event or nightclub.

Know your worth and show it

If there is one thing I have learned from being a DJ/promoter in Melbourne, it is to be honest. Never tell a promoter you can bring more people than is possible. Promoters will catch you out; you will lose trust, and you will ruin any chance of staying in that elite trustworthy inner circle, which might give you the chance to play DJ gigs and promote the nightclub. If anything, under promise and over deliver; surprise promoters instead of disappointing them. You will always keep a promotional role if you are consistently providing a sufficient number of people into a nightclub. At least a minimum of ten people.

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Be a team player with the right attitude

Another thing I have learned from being a DJ/Promoter in Melbourne’s nightclub scene is people with a selfish attitude only go so far, as word of mouth can spread rapidly in the music industry. And before you know it, nobody will want to work with you. The right attitude is not only important for surviving in the industry, but the right attitude is also critical to success, in anything. Be willing to help out, do more than what you have to do and people will give you what you want, perhaps your first DJ gig.