Why you need to make your own music as a DJ

Producing your own music as a DJ is starting to become more essential now to get bookings for DJ gigs. Almost gone are the days where DJs just mixed other people’s music to get their first gig. The importance of developing your own sound and brand are paramount to getting more gigs and achieving long-term success in the music industry.

Here are some major reasons why it is so important to start making your own music and developing your own sound as a DJ.

It helps develop you as a brand

When people are looking for a DJ, they want to know more. People want to know what your brand is about and what your brand represents in terms of music style. Think of your music as a product. You need products in business to expand and develop over time. This is how you grow as an artist and DJ in time, by developing music which is your product for the people in the music industry, the fans, promoters, record labels, and music stores online. Music production is essential for the growth of a DJ who wants more gigs.

It helps you to develop your own sound

As this ties in with the last section, making music and developing your own unique sound should help you find your own niche in the market. This takes many years of consistent, hard, and smart work. The DJs who have exploded in the music industry are the ones who have their own sound. Great examples like Will Sparks, Skrillex, and Deadmau5 are some of the big names we can all draw inspiration from, as they are at the pinnacle of their careers in electronic dance music.

Some people may not want to be the next big DJ, and that’s fine. Some would rather want local club gigs. However, it is important to bring something different to the table if you are a DJ looking to get booked regularly for club gigs. And making your own music and starting to develop your sound will definitely help that.

People are more interested in DJs who do

People love good music and a DJ who can make their own. A DJ will always appeal more to the general public if they do make music, for three reasons. One, they will have more to offer the general public than their DJ mixes. Two, the word DJ has become a cliché, and people are more interested in artists who produce music for their DJ sets live and online. Three, songs are more memorable and easier to remember than DJ mixes and give the DJ more individuality, which takes me to the next point.

Music is your marketing message

It is your expression of you as an artist, performer, and DJ. It communicates who you are to your audience and is an extended expression of you. Once people understand this more and like what you represent, they will have more of a tendency to follow you, purely for the reason that it gives a DJ more leverage if he or she produces music, and people are more inclined to follow someone who does.

Promoters are looking to book artists

As I mentioned before, more leverage can help in many ways, especially when it comes to getting gigs. Promoters here in Australia love getting national and international artists booked to play DJ gigs. It draws the crowds in massive numbers, and people love DJs who have big hit releases and popular music.
Thus artists, the majority of the time, are more popular because of their own individual music style, as popularity and pulling a crowd has a lot to do with getting any DJ gigs.

Armin van Buuren in Minsk-Arena

Armin van Buuren in Minsk-Arena

It makes you appreciate the music more

When you start to make your own music, you definitely appreciate more of the hard work and effort one must go through to succeed at producing, then getting to DJ at a high level because of it. All the hours of frustration, banging your head against the wall, trying to get the result you want, but in time, it will all be worth it, as nothing worth having comes easy. Making your own music can be a very rewarding experience after all the struggle, persistence, and hard work pays off.

Seeing the end product, knowing you created something that was an idea in your head, then playing it out in the public arena can be a fulfilling practice and dream
as it will help you expand your DJ career.

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