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How to stay motivated as a DJ

We can all go through these stages at times, feeling flat or uninspired on our DJing journey. Perhaps we are all looking for that extra spark we felt when we first started out DJing. In this blog, I will go over some ways that have helped me get out of a rut to stay motivated in pursuit of a goal, and hope they can help you if you have been in a similar situation.

How to read a crowd

Being able to pull off a successful DJ gig comes down to knowing how to read a crowd. This is one of the main factors when it comes to learning how to DJ at a high level. As a DJ, we must have great musical intuition and an inner knowledge of how we can engage the crowd with our music to keep people moving on the dance floor. In this blog I will identify some key takeaway points to expand your knowledge in this area.

How to become a better DJ

I am sure we have all asked the question, “How can I become a better DJ at some point in time?” The fact is, there can be perhaps over twenty areas in which to become a better DJ. In this blog I want to identify six key areas which I feel are most beneficial to make you stand out and master the art of DJing faster.

What Makes A Great DJ?

There are many things which make a great DJ, but in this post I want to talk about the things that don't really come up that often. Here are some of the important aspects I feel are needed to be discussed as they can be some of the things that can make or break you in the industry.

Here are 3 key things which I have found over the years that truly make a great DJ stand out above the rest.

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