Some Common Mistakes I Made When I Started Djing

Mike Power at Studio 3 Crown (Majik Entertainment Presents Bryan Kearney)

Mike Power at Studio 3 Crown (Majik Entertainment Presents Bryan Kearney)

Not Having Clear, Written Goals

Having a vision and wanting to become a DJ playing on the main stage, I didn't have the clear necessary steps as to how I was going to get there. All I knew is that I wanted it bad, the thing that slowed me down was not having a goals for a certain timeframe which I wanted to achieve my vision. I just went with the flow as time went on, as this can happen with most people. Even if you don't know what you need to do to achieve a certain outcome, at least give yourself a timeframe. For example, write down on a sheet of paper, in the present tense, like it is going to happen,: e.g. I have now achieved X by December 30th etc. By having a time frame for when you want things to happen, at least you give yourself a target to aim at. Having at least 5-10 goals a year is a great starting point. When I implemented my goals for the first time, it motivated me to take action. Being as stubborn as I was and not doing it cost me a lot time, as it is a big regret of mine not doing this from the very start.

I Tried To Do It All On My Own

This can be a common mistake with a lot of things in life - we as people tend to get a great sense of pride when we say we can achieve or learn something new without the help of others. I certainly thought that I would not need any help when it came to learning how to DJ, and I was a bit stubborn in my approach, hence the reason why it took me a few years to pick it up and start DJing in clubs. I was not the most outgoing person when it came to asking for help or advice from others who were a level or two above me. I did eventually achieve my goal of playing in clubs, although I could have moved along a lot quicker with it, in turn taking away some of the frustrations.

I Didn't Collaborate Often

This can be one of the most exciting and fun experiences when it comes to DJing - sharing your passion with others. Having a mix with a friend or friends over the weekend with like minded people that share your passion can really inspire and motivate you if you struggle with getting gigs on a regular basis. This can also give an understanding of ways things can be done differently in terms of mixing/song structure and selection, and how other DJ’s do their thing. Nobody is always going to DJ exactly the way you do, or play the same tracks you play or even structure a set the way you do. So learn how things can be done differently - by doing this you will gain a different perspective on how things can be done to gain a similar result. This will help you get out of the whole mentality of being set in your ways when DJing. Helping you to be a more flexible DJ and expanding on ideas and ways you can improve by simply seeing how others do their thing. It can be a great measuring tool to evaluate where your skills are at.

I Did Not Approach People Enough When Clubbing

Making contacts and connections was always a struggle for me, especially being the shy and introverted person I was. It can be a big challenge if you are anything like I was, where as others may find it easier. Either way, the simple biggest tip in this industry I can give you is to MAKE AS MANY CONNECTIONS AS POSSIBLE.

I cannot stress this enough.This is such an important thing you must do to be successful and advance in the direction that you are pursuing. As soon as I started putting myself out there in the right environments, more opportunities began to come my way. Meeting and getting to know who the main people were such as promoters, club owners and other DJ’s who were playing in night clubs are your way of getting gigs if thats what you are pursuing. How else can you get any success without knowing the right people?

To Round It Up

Measure where you are at, especially if you are looking to get gigs and trying to make a career out of DJing. If you have not progressed much over the past year, now is the time to look at what you lack and what areas you need to improve in. If you need help in those areas, ask more questions frequently, invite a friend around for a mix, start getting to know more people, start going out more and building those connections like never before. With social media, it has never been so easy to communicate and get more information easier without having to leave home. As simple as it sounds, don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask for the opinion of others - not everyone does this quite enough, I know I didn’t. Not asking for feedback and advice enough often cost me time - as they say with everything if you don't ask, you don't get. In the end DJing takes time, but there is always a quicker way to get where you want to go. You must learn to be resourceful and go for it. You will learn from mistakes in the process as I certainly did, and with patience and persistence you will get there ;)


Posted on April 27, 2015 and filed under DJ.