What you can do when nobody is coming to your DJ gigs

Whether you are an experienced DJ or a first timer, for getting DJ gigs, the future of our involvement in the music industry depends on getting those raving DJ fans into the nightclub. All DJ’s can struggle to get fans, followers, and friends in the door to come watch our DJ set. In this blog, I will identify what we can do to change that.  

Empty nightclub and dance floor

Empty nightclub and dance floor

Getting people to your DJ gigs

The game has changed dramatically over the past 10 years for promoting and selling your DJ gigs to fans, followers, and friends. I am sure most DJ’s know that for promoting any of our events and music related material, social media has been the place to do it. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been useful for promoting, but where there is an upside, there is a downside. You see, the problem with getting people to your DJ gigs online is there is complete information overload.

Today, everybody online is getting bombarded with information on Facebook and other social media platforms, especially DJ gig flyers and music. Everyone is competing for attention online, so to get more people to come to our DJ gigs, what can we do?

Social media - Facebook

Social media - Facebook

Struggling to get fans, followers, and friends?

Some of the things I am about to suggest might seem like common knowledge, but a lot of it is not common practice. Some of what I have learnt from my Promotional/DJ role at Majik Entertainment were basic things that both promoters and DJ’s just overlooked . The three standout points we need to do to get more people through the door and into the nightclub are …

Be more proactive and build relationships

If you are struggling to get more fans, followers, or friends to your DJ gigs, you probably are not making any new ones. Put yourself in proximity of the action. What is your target market, offline and online?

How often are you going out to meet new people? If your answer is rarely,  then it is time to attend more music seminars, visit other nightclubs and events, join a support group, or network where there will be people of key influence easily accessible. When online, join Facebook groups and forums.

Offer incentives

Many people are now money conscious, it’s not cheap for a night out at a nightclub, with the ridiculous price of beverages and door entry. If you can afford to offer free entry with some complimentary drinks, I urge you do to so. Look to offer to both women or men; my suggestion is to offer women more than men. Why?  Wherever the women go, the men will follow. This is why it is rare that many women get rejected from a nightclub upon entry.

Nightclubs and security know this, because they are influential and can draw numbers. If you don't know many women, then try giving away free entry to any influential person, who will bring 2 or more people into a nightclub.

Teenage DJ fan

Teenage DJ fan

Make more phone calls

Sounds obvious, but most don't do it enough. It is easy to send Facebook invites and spam people with promotion even flyers, but guess what; they are not very effective. There is so much of it happening, it becomes so mundane and annoying that people will just avoid it all together, and do it with ease. Call people more. It is harder for people to say no, and it is the best form of contact.

Don’t make the mistake of calling your long lost friends from 5 to 10 years ago, who have no interest in you and the music you are into. Call all your closest and relevant friends, telling them to spread the word. People like to go out in groups, so aim for a group that will.

Mistakes most DJ’s and Promoters make

Tagging people with no interest in going - I see it all the time. DJ’s and promoters tagging 100 people on their flyers to look like they have the numbers online. The numbers count when through the door, so try not to tag people you don't really know, who will not give a hoot about your DJ gigs, unless you have built a relationship first.

Not making enough phone calls - Due to the time it takes to persuade people and, perhaps, not wanting to talk to people. It can be uncomfortable for some to make phone calls, but I promise it will be a more effective way.

Spamming people - Everybody is guilty of this one, myself included. It is easy enough to do. We don't get responses or engagement online, so we push and push until we get complaints. My advice: post promotional event flyers only three times a week, and spread out the days. If you are not getting the response you like, pick up the phone or get out and network more, either offline or online.

Not engaging with fans, followers, and friends online and offline - You have lost your regular connection with people. I get it. It can happen. Just try to do you best to put out any music related material, like DJ mixes or your latest productions. People need your inspiration.

Learn how to sell yourself better

To be a great networker and persuade people to come to your gigs, you have to be a great salesman. Many people might not like the term selling, but what do you think you are doing when promoting your music or yourself? “SELLING” Whether you like it or not, everybody is a salesperson , most people just don't recognise it, and many people are not good at it. It is a great skill to learn and can be learnt if you are willing. I highly recommend these 2 books. How to wins friends and influence people and Influence: The psychology of persuasion.

There is another great read here by Budi Voogt and Marina Marten, called The Artists Guide to Getting More Fans On Social Media if you want to learn how to get more fans online.

And you can learn how to get more DJ gigs from my eBook The DJ’s Guide to Your First Gig and more followers on Budi Voogts Soundcloud Bible.

I would also like to know what has worked for you in the past.
Have you struggled to get people through the door?

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