Deciding to go from DJ to Music Producer: Part one

It can be both a big and daunting decision to make going from DJ to music producer. Maybe you are deciding whether or not to make the jump into music production. If you are anything like I was five years ago, you might sit on that decision; perhaps you may need to know a few more things that can help you make up your mind before making the choice.

Sound engineer working in the boutique recording studio.

Sound engineer working in the boutique recording studio.

What can go on during the thought process

It is one of those choices I believe is difficult, but why?
If you are going from bedroom DJ to producer and you want to produce to get more DJ gigs, you will have to take yourself more seriously as a DJ or should I say look at yourself more as an artist. Be more committed to the producing rather than the DJing itself. Why? Because if you want to produce great music, you will need to put in many hours, make some big social life sacrifices and give up certain things in life to make time to do it all.

Some people do not want to do that, give up their time in the hope of wondering if it will all be worth it. The first thing I believe we all need to do is to establish an outcome before we make the commitment.  

Music production, daw, headset and microphone

Music production, daw, headset and microphone

What is the outcome

First, decide what it is you want to achieve from music production. What is your end game? Do you want to create your own sound and get signed to big record labels such as Spinning Records, Defected, or Armada? Then, taking and selling your music overseas to play international DJ gigs? Perhaps you just want to experiment with music production until you develop more confidence to then release your music to the public. You may even want to produce music for pure enjoyment as something to do in your spare time.

Whatever your motive is, just know what your outcome is before you spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands on music production software, only to find out later that you have gotten over it and lost your drive and ambition.

Is your passion strong enough to make music?

Passion, the number one ingredient to make a DJ and producer successful. How do you know if you are passionate enough? Well, there are a few telltale signs. The first one is, you will have strong reasons you want to get into music production. Examples could be like wanting to build more of a following and fan base, get more DJ gigs, play international or interstate DJ gigs, create your own unique sound and create your own DJ brand. With your reasons why passionate DJ’s and producers are always self-motivated and inspired music enthusiasts, they always have an ear for music.

DJ’s will always think of ways they could improve music while listening to music on the radio, at nightclubs or home, suggesting to themselves and others how they would improve to make the music better if it were theirs. Along with some points, I have mentioned above another way to find if you are passionate enough is by having the need and curiosity always to want to learn more and find out how to improve and understand how music is created.

"Invest in your dream. Grind now. Shine later"
DJ Eddie Halliwell performs at Urban Wave festival in Minsk, Belarus.

DJ Eddie Halliwell performs at Urban Wave festival in Minsk, Belarus.

To some it up in key points, you must have:

  • Your reasons
  •  A vision, or know your outcome
  •  Be self-motivated and inspired
  •  An obsession with music
  •  The willingness and wanting to learn much more
  •  The feeling of creativity within you

Which will make you passionate if you have answered yes to those.

Overcome any fear and doubt

There will always be that question that pops up in the mind, will I be any good with music production? That bit of self-doubt can eventually turn into fear, the more time you spend thinking about it. So, how can we get over this self-doubt?  Well, it comes down to confidence, confidence will diminish fear and doubt. How we can build it comes down to experience and understanding of how music production works. The more we understand, the more we will realise what is involved and whether or not we will want to pursue music production

So, that’s what I will suggest in the next blog, some ways how we can take progressive steps towards music production and building confidence, without getting overwhelmed after realising what is involved. This is all designed to help you make a decision to become a music producer.

I would like to know what you think about this topic? Feel free to leave a comment below.