Getting DJ Gigs: Developing a brand Part three - Website features

In this blog I want to go through the important must-have features of your DJ brand’s website. In order to achieve a professional appearance online and communicate our music and message to our audience, we must have the features I will suggest to you.

The DJ Disclosure Website

The DJ Disclosure Website

Social Media Icons

As obvious as it can sound, all your social media accounts should be fully integrated and connected to your website provider’s services, whether it is WordPress, Squarespace, or something else. When it’s connected, you will find it super convenient when you start blogging and posting video, as it will also post the video or blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, not just the website, saving time.

Social Media icons

Social Media icons

Ideally it is great to have all social icons that you use on every page on your website, like, the bio or about page, music, blog, video, merchandise if you have any, and the contact or booking form page. It is also important to have icons on the top and bottom halves of the page.

Your Bio or Story (About page)

This is your message, who you are, and what you represent (super important).
As I stated in the last blog, it is ideal to have a bio three to five paragraphs long for a DJ website. And you want to tell an in-depth story and make it separate from the bio, as promoters hate super long biographies and just want the essentials like music style, experiences, location, etc.


Your professional DJ logo with your latest and greatest press shots that represent you at your best -- don't pick the grumpy or serious-looking type of DJ photos if you want to represent the genuine down-to-earth, funny guy or girl. Include photos that look professional with great backgrounds and surroundings that will match your website. Also any of the latest DJ gig photos if you have them yet.

Flyers/upcoming gigs

Majik Entertainment event flyer

Majik Entertainment event flyer

If you have DJ gigs, people want to know about them, so either do a write-up on your website, or include any upcoming or previous DJ gig flyers that you have and make a photo portfolio called DJ gigs 2016, etc.


Create a music portfolio, embed any DJ mixes, radio show podcast’s or your latest and greatest productions on your website. You can include any SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Beatport music, and even Spotify playlists to your website, allowing the viewer to get an understanding of what you love to make and play.

Contact/booking form

Booking form

Booking form

How can people book or contact you? This is an essential page for your website, and it must be integrated into your personal email address which I will mention. This is how a professional email should be.

Email subscription form

This is essential; collecting email subscribers is how you can build raving fans and an email list. Offer free material like videos, blogs, music, or DJ gig tickets to an event, so you can have a closer relationship with your fans, and they will support you more for doing it. Remember to give value ;).

Have a personalized email

What is a personalized email? It is your first name ideally and the name of your website. So instead of having, for example, "", have "". This is a professional, personalized email address that your fans and everyone else should be able to contact you on.

Why do we need a website in summary key points?

  • To develop more of a personal DJ brand, integrating all social media platforms into one profile.
  • To show more of our personality and what we represent in a more in-depth way that social media does not cover.
  • Collect email addresses and build raving fans.
  • Create music and photo portfolios.
  • Show people we are more professional and serious about our career or hobby, more ways that we can create value, like offer a service or free video and blogs.

I would like to know how your website has worked for you?
Are you stuck? Or want to know more? Let me know so I can help ;)

Posted on February 18, 2016 and filed under DJ gigs.