Do you continue to face DJ gig frustration?

Are you simply just tired and feed up of what you need to do to get DJ gigs? Are you always in constant search for the answers on how to get DJ gigs? Maybe you just don't know where to start?(Watch this video series)

You probably already know some of the answers and they could be staring at you straight in the face. Here are some key areas why you may not be getting booked to play any DJ sets.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result - Albert Einstein”

People don't know who you are (both online and offline)

OFFLINE - Nothing says I want it more than showing up and supporting the nightclubs you wish to DJ at. People must recognise you in person, people remember faces, not always emails, and to get DJ gigs, you need to develop great networking skills and high-quality relationships with all people involved in the music industry. Support works hand in hand, and if you show it continually, it will eventually come back to you.

One frustrated DJ

One frustrated DJ

ONLINE - Being omnipresent and active every day on all social media accounts, posting content consistently, can be challenging. Finding not only the time, and ways to add value to music related content to stand out is where most people get stuck. However, the reality is we need to be active daily online and post content that will get the attention of our audience and add value to build a following and get noticed. If you are stuck here, maybe it’s time to invest in some books and education programs to learn more about marketing.

You have not defined your DJ brand

Getting clear about who we are and what we represent as DJs can be challenging. With so many confusing sub-genres out there, it can be difficult for people to know not only what style of music we are most commonly known for, but also the image, persona and message we send out to the public. There could be a chance you may be confusing promoters and people out there on what type of DJ you are, and now could be the time to clearly define and specify your DJ brand.

You don't produce your own music

Promoters and event organisers are increasingly looking for DJs with their own unique sound, style and productions. This is another stream of adding value to the marketplace and great point of differentiation. Despite some music sounding similar to other DJ/producers out there, no one will ever produce music the way you do. So if you are not making music, now could be the time to start.

You have not built a loyal fanbase

It's great to have 5000 followers, but what good is it if they are not raving fans? And by that I mean, your followers don't engage enough when you post any music related content, or perhaps support you by showing up and coming to your DJ gigs regularly. What keeps businesses in business is return customers, not just more and more new ones. Develop raving loyal fans by being a loyal DJ/brand first. Participate in conversations, always respond to emails, provide value and free music related content to people regularly. And most importantly, turn your fans into friends.

5000 followers is a good achievement, but 500 raving fans is even better.

MINSK, BELARUS - April 16, 2011 Festival crowd at Urban Wave

MINSK, BELARUS - April 16, 2011 Festival crowd at Urban Wave

You have no DJ gig strategy

There is no problem for aiming high for DJ gigs, but to get big DJ gigs, you must play the small DJ gigs first. These gigs might not be your style or your preferred type of nightclub. But it pays to get a start, a foot in the door, and gain valuable experience and credibility to get the bigger gigs.

You are not pushing for it as hard as your competitors

As blunt as it may sound, you may not be doing the work that everyone else is doing, plus more. For you to get DJ gigs, you have to do more than others out there, not just want it more. How are you providing value and contributing to nightclubs and the music industry compared to your competitors? Now is the time to start thinking.

Learn to be more patient

Think big start small and be patient

Think big start small and be patient

From my personal experience, I can tell you that the dance music industry is an up and down roller coaster experience. Full of extreme highs and lows, but all worth it if you learn to be patient, do the work, and be willing to learn from every experience. To get the DJ gigs we desire, we have to stick to our goals, no matter how small, big, hard or daunting it can be. I took almost 7 years to get the DJ gigs I was after, going from a bedroom DJ to supporting many of my favourite international DJs on the main stage.

And I will be honest, often I wanted to quit, but I just had to learn patience along the way. And this is coming from an impatient person.

“Be patient and know your time will come - Mike Power”