Having A Role Model - The Quickest Way To The Top

The best way to fast track any success in life, or in this case the DJ/Production area, is to learn off the people or person that has achieved the results in that area you want. Why be stubborn and try to be a lone soldier to achieve success when you can short cut your learning time by years?

Here are 4 things you can do to learn super fast and be more efficient by following certain practices:

Ummet Ozcan At The Palace In Melbourne

Ummet Ozcan At The Palace In Melbourne



First things first, get a coach/mentor or someone that can teach you best practices, knowledge and skills. This is so important and I believe the most important thing that one can do. Investing in training, and learning off someone who has done the hard yards and spent many years on a given topic, this will give you the upper hand by learning what works and does not work in today’s industry. You can also avoid the most common and not so common mistakes that they have made, simply by being given the right information from your teacher/mentor/coach. I am not saying you will never make mistakes - you will. It can be a good thing to learn from them, however you can avoid more obstacles by learning from the more experienced people in the industry.



It pays to do plenty of research and get as many opinions and multiple perspectives from other DJ’s/Producers - not just one and one only. Expand your awareness by keeping up to date in the scene; watch a tutorial here and there from all types of different DJ/Producers from different genres. Also by researching, watching and listening to more and more DJ sets and music, your experience and knowledge in music will grow. This can help guide and direct you in your career when it comes to what genres of music you wish to represent, what type of personality or DJ you want to be. The key to standing out is distinction.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As simple as it sounds, many people don't ask enough question - I have been guilty of this too many times. Whether you are stuck, curious or wanting to know any sort of information or knowledge from someone who has accomplished the results you would like to achieve. With many platforms of social media available, it has never been so easy to contact anyone from around the globe. However, I have always found in my experiences it is always better to gain knowledge from somebody face to face, especially if you are polite.



I am sure you have heard the age old saying, “knowledge is power”. When I hear this, I tend to think “what good is having knowledge if it is not applied properly?” The fact is that it is good to have knowledge, however applying it in the right way is what will always separate the winners from the losers. People who take action will always be a step or two ahead of the pack. Start forming habitual practices when it comes to DJing/Producing; the key is to do a little bit every single day for a long period of time. The brain has a tendency to be able to sleep on a problem and resolve it super quickly - the wonders of our subconscious mind. If you need to ask the hard questions or look for gigs, get out and get busy. Remember, face to face interaction is always the key.


Having a role model and somebody to look up to and learn off can really inspire you to take action, it can be a great way to learn a lot faster than usual. Asking questions and talking to people you admire can really help when times are doubtful or perhaps when you are stuck in a certain area. As simple as it may sound it can be commonly overlooked. Perhaps something to take away from this is, recognise what you have got in the skills and experience area, then go surround yourself with the people in the area of skills you are lacking.


Posted on October 1, 2015 and filed under DJ.