Marlo's Journey: What upcoming DJ/producers can learn from it

It’s no secret that Marlo’s journey is one of Australia’s biggest trance success stories. Marlo is taking the world by storm step-by-step with consistent releases and support on Armin Van Buuren’s record label Armada, as well as touring around the globe taking the stage at major events and festival like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, ASOT 700 in both Holland and Sydney, and so much more.


In this blog I want to outline his story in short, and some of the successful traits that I think we can all draw from Marlo, as well as some great tips for all upcoming aspiring DJ/producers.

The Journey

Marlo started out by making short animation clips. He then realised he had to make sound effects to go with those backing clips. From there on he started out in the basics of music production. After producing music for a little while, Marlo had the desire to play his music onstage, as he always wanted to be a live performer and showcase his music to an audience. Teaming up with his friend Michael Simpson to become a duo, Liquid M, he left later on and became a solo artist. He was inspired by the likes of Mauro Picotto, Aphex Twin, Armin Van Buuren, The Prodigy, and Tiesto.

Marlo’s passion was always music, and he was willing to work shitty jobs just to pay the rent, then come home every day after work and produce music for long hours, from five p.m. to two a.m every day. Not to mention DJ on the weekends whenever possible for little to no money because he loved it. He made it clear that all he wanted in life was music, and he made the commitment to do so. There was never any plan B; if plan A failed, he would try it again. Marlo has also stated he would still be pushing to make music even if he didn't have any fans.  

Marlo & Jano at Stereosonic Melbourne

Marlo & Jano at Stereosonic Melbourne

He has always had amazing support from his wife Janette. She is also a super-talented singer known as Jano. They have been together from the very start, accomplishing so much together as a team over the last eleven years, including top Beatport chart hits, “The Island”, which was their debut which went to number one, “Haunted”, and recently “The Dreamers”.

“Success to me is doing what I love.” - Marlo

What we can all learn from Marlo

This is what I have taken from his story.
To be successful at what we want to achieve, I believe we need:

* To have a strong burning desire and passion for what we do.

* The courage and willingness to commit to a decision, despite what others may think of it.

* To put in long hours of hard work and dedication, even if our music is not as good as we would like it to be.

* To develop habitual practice every day - a vital key to success and mastery of music production and everything else.

* Inspiration from people we admire.

* The belief in ourselves, and never take no for an answer when the road gets tough.

* The willingness to make big sacrifices if we want to be successful.

* Support from family and friends.

Marlo at Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Marlo at Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Marlo’s advice for all DJ/producers wanting to get a breakthrough

Figure out what you can do for other people, not what other people can do for you. People can always tell if they are being used, and nobody likes that.
Build strong relationships in the industry, learn to contribute, and learn how you can be a part of it.

Marlo - The Journey So Far (Documentary)