Do your DJ skills even matter?

In today’s flooded DJ market, one must ask, just how important are your DJ skills for getting DJ gigs? With the rise of the dance music industry, we have seen marketing more important than ever before, music production taking over as the new norm, as another saturated market, and creative lucrative branding like we have never seen before. So, to get DJ gigs, where should we put our attention the most to get the quickest results?

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How to get DJ gigs with Your Shot finalist - Excavator

It all started in 2014 for Your Shot finalist Aaron Pantazis, otherwise known as Excavator, a Melbourne Hardstyle DJ and producer. Since the competition, Aaron has gone from strength to strength, becoming a resident DJ for Sanctuary Saturdays run by Evolution Events, Teknoman Events, PHD, Hard Kandy and Paradox Fridays. In this interview, Aaron tells us about his journey so far and his secret to becoming a full-time DJ, getting DJ gigs and living the dream of a music lifestyle.

What you can do when nobody is coming to your DJ gigs

Whether you are an experienced DJ or a first timer, for getting DJ gigs, the future of our involvement in the music industry depends on getting those raving DJ fans into the nightclub. All DJ’s can struggle to get fans, followers, and friends in the door to come watch our DJ set. In this blog, I will identify what we can do to change that.

Deciding to go from DJ to Music Producer: Part two

Before you go spending your pennies to invest in any D.A.W’s and studio equipment, there are some little things that can help reassure your buying decisions, to make sure that music production is right for you. The first thing I would suggest is to….

Deciding to go from DJ to Music Producer: Part one

It can be both a big and daunting decision to make going from DJ to music producer. Maybe you are deciding whether or not to make the jump into music production. If you are anything like I was five years ago, you might sit on that decision; perhaps you may need to know a few more things that can help you make up your mind before making the choice.

Why passionate DJ’s last in the music industry

In this blog, I want to talk about what separates a passionate DJ from your ordinary DJ, when it comes to sustainability in the music industry. If you are reading this, you may think all DJ’s are passionate DJ’s, however, I think differently on this subject. And here are some reasons why.

What it takes to be a successful DJ

I am sure if you are reading this you already have a goal or a vision by now as a DJ. No matter what type of success you are striving for, whether it is your first DJ gig or you are striving to support an international DJ or become a big-name DJ yourself, what does it take to be successful at it? Here are just some of the key points I will mention.

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Getting DJ gigs: Developing a brand part two - Create a website

Creating a website is essential for brand development; it is a personal storehouse for all your information and what you represent as a DJ/producer. It is a “must-have” for a professional appearance online. In this blog, I will point out your options for creating a website.

Getting DJ gigs: Where to start? Part 3

In this final blog of the three-part series, I am going to talk about adding value to get DJ gigs. And more in-depth ways to contribute towards the nightclubs you want to be a part of. The music industry needs continued contribution in order for it to survive and grow. And as DJs, we must add value in order to get DJ gigs.

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Getting DJ Gigs: Where to start? Part 2

In this blog I continue to identify some simple key areas that all DJs need to address to achieve gigs. You may or may not know where to start, but it really comes down to understanding and then applying some effort in the following areas I will cover. In part 2 here
I will talk about the importance of networking, what can stop us from networking and how to approach it from the ground up.

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Why you need to make your own music as a DJ

Producing your own music as a DJ is starting to become more essential now to get bookings for DJ gigs. Almost gone are the days where DJs just mixed other people’s music to get their first gig. The importance of developing your own sound and brand are paramount to getting more gigs and achieving long-term success in the music industry.

Here are some major reasons why it is so important to start making your own music and developing your own sound as a DJ.

It helps develop you as a brand

When people are looking for a DJ, they want to know more. People want to know what your brand is about and what your brand represents in terms of music style. Think of your music as a product. You need products in business to expand and develop over time. This is how you grow as an artist and DJ in time, by developing music which is your product for the people in the music industry, the fans, promoters, record labels, and music stores online. Music production is essential for the growth of a DJ who wants more gigs.

It helps you to develop your own sound

As this ties in with the last section, making music and developing your own unique sound should help you find your own niche in the market. This takes many years of consistent, hard, and smart work. The DJs who have exploded in the music industry are the ones who have their own sound. Great examples like Will Sparks, Skrillex, and Deadmau5 are some of the big names we can all draw inspiration from, as they are at the pinnacle of their careers in electronic dance music.

Some people may not want to be the next big DJ, and that’s fine. Some would rather want local club gigs. However, it is important to bring something different to the table if you are a DJ looking to get booked regularly for club gigs. And making your own music and starting to develop your sound will definitely help that.

People are more interested in DJs who do

People love good music and a DJ who can make their own. A DJ will always appeal more to the general public if they do make music, for three reasons. One, they will have more to offer the general public than their DJ mixes. Two, the word DJ has become a cliché, and people are more interested in artists who produce music for their DJ sets live and online. Three, songs are more memorable and easier to remember than DJ mixes and give the DJ more individuality, which takes me to the next point.

Music is your marketing message

It is your expression of you as an artist, performer, and DJ. It communicates who you are to your audience and is an extended expression of you. Once people understand this more and like what you represent, they will have more of a tendency to follow you, purely for the reason that it gives a DJ more leverage if he or she produces music, and people are more inclined to follow someone who does.

Promoters are looking to book artists

As I mentioned before, more leverage can help in many ways, especially when it comes to getting gigs. Promoters here in Australia love getting national and international artists booked to play DJ gigs. It draws the crowds in massive numbers, and people love DJs who have big hit releases and popular music.
Thus artists, the majority of the time, are more popular because of their own individual music style, as popularity and pulling a crowd has a lot to do with getting any DJ gigs.

Armin van Buuren in Minsk-Arena

Armin van Buuren in Minsk-Arena

It makes you appreciate the music more

When you start to make your own music, you definitely appreciate more of the hard work and effort one must go through to succeed at producing, then getting to DJ at a high level because of it. All the hours of frustration, banging your head against the wall, trying to get the result you want, but in time, it will all be worth it, as nothing worth having comes easy. Making your own music can be a very rewarding experience after all the struggle, persistence, and hard work pays off.

Seeing the end product, knowing you created something that was an idea in your head, then playing it out in the public arena can be a fulfilling practice and dream
as it will help you expand your DJ career.

Would love to know your thoughts?
Feel free to comment below :)

How to impress a promoter

This blog is dedicated to the first timer that has his or hers first DJ gig coming up, and wants to make a great impression. Besides the playing of ones set there can be other factors to take into consideration when it comes to keeping a gig in the long term. These key points will help you achieve a better result on first impression for a DJ gig.

Majik entertainment crew with singer Jes at Cosmic Gate Start To Feel Tour, Festival hall Melbourne

Majik entertainment crew with singer Jes at Cosmic Gate Start To Feel Tour, Festival hall Melbourne

Get in early and socialise

This is an important one a promoter always likes to see a DJ get their that little bit early to socialise and make friends with incoming patrons. In fact a promoter would rather put a DJ on that gets there early and make more an effort, making people feel welcome, offering them a drink, and expanding their own network in the process. It is great representation for the club and is a way to get a patron coming back next time.

A good attitude

A DJ that is positive with a good attitude is what a promoter likes to see from a DJ. It brings great energy to the club and people want to be around DJ’s that is enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, it rubs off on other people and they are attracted to people with it. The last thing a promoter wants to see is someone who is completely full of ego and thinks they are too good to hang around the general public and say hi.

Bring quality people to a club

In my personal opinion, quality will always out weigh quantity to keep a great nightclub atmosphere alive and an audience of the right people coming back as regulars. Equality is the key here with a fifty-fifty ratio of men and women coming into a club. Numbers are important but it pays to bring in the die hard music enthusiasts, this is what makes nightclubs great and keeps them a float. Always do your best to bring the clean cut, well dressed passionate music enthusiast’s, not trouble makers looking for fights.

Jerome Isma-ae at Cosmic Gate Start To Feel Tour, Festival Hall Melbourne

Jerome Isma-ae at Cosmic Gate Start To Feel Tour, Festival Hall Melbourne

Play to your time-slot

This is a big one. Promoters cannot stand a DJ that does not play to their time-slot. Its quite common for the new up coming DJ to overstep the mark, and I have seen it quite often. The need to just want to get in their and prove them selves to everyone by playing tracks a level or two above what they should be playing. It can destroy the flow of the night, the next DJ set, and the night itself. If you want to keep a gig and impress a promoter, play to your time-slot. Show respect to the other DJ’s around you and work in with everyone.

Be the DJ that does more

Offer to do that bit extra to show you are in it for the night itself and not just you. It goes along way to help and lend a hand by putting up promo flyers before the night, perhaps even helping out with equipment to make sure everything is working right, before a DJ set. It can go along way to help build rapport with people, make a great lasting impression and put you in the good books with promoters to keep you coming back next time.

How to stay motivated as a DJ

We can all go through these stages at times, feeling flat or uninspired on our DJing journey. Perhaps we are all looking for that extra spark we felt when we first started out DJing. In this blog, I will go over some ways that have helped me get out of a rut to stay motivated in pursuit of a goal, and hope they can help you if you have been in a similar situation.

Get inspired by new music

I am sure that if you are anything like me, you have gone through this before, feeling flat or having a bad day, which has caused you to go into a bad mood or lazy mode when you get home from work. New music, or any music for that matter, can change your mood in the blink of an eye and have you feeling on top of the world wanting to get back into the studio.

We all have our favourite music we play to get us pumped up and ready for a big night out, so use music to draw ideas and inspiration from to get you motivated and efficient. Use music as a trigger to elevate you and inspire you to take more action.

Surround yourself with other aspiring DJs

The most important thing that many people have is a tendency to under estimate the importance of surrounding yourself with like minded people. Ideally, this should be people that share the same interests as you, in this case DJing and music. Surrounding yourself with people that want to set out and achieve things is vital to staying on track and towards any goals, dreams and achieving success.

Ilan Bluestone with the fans at Studio 3 Crown, Majik after party, Melbourne

Ilan Bluestone with the fans at Studio 3 Crown, Majik after party, Melbourne

It also motivates you because if everyone is pushing and pursuing the same things as you are, so it will help push you to do the work too. It can also be a great idea to have an accountability partner, someone who is holding you accountable to stay on track to achieve any goals.

Have goals

If there is something many people do not have, it is goals. We may all have a dream, but many people fail to break down their dream into smaller steps, put it on paper and act on it daily. Your goals must excite and motivate you. The key is really taking the time out to think about it and put it on paper, but what will keep you on track is getting into the habit of reviewing goals daily and doing something each day that will get you closer to achieving that goal.

This is what creates progress and will help you gain more confidence and motivation along the way. Goals will always give you something to look forward to in the future and seeing them, thinking about them and acting upon them is vital to stay on track and motivated.

Dream big, set goals, take action

Dream big, set goals, take action

Have reasons why

When setting a goal, the most important question is having a reason for why you want it so bad. This is the fuel that will really propel you forward and keep you motivated more so than the goal.

Do you have strong enough reasons as to why?

For every goal you set, have at least 3 to 5 reasons why you want it so bad, put it on paper, put it on the wall alongside your goals, and look at it each day.
If you cannot come up with good enough reasons, when you hit hurdles on your journey, and you will, it will be hard for you to get motivated and back on course.

For every goal there must be a reason why.

Realise that your past does not equal your future

Yesterday was yesterday, and realise whatever set back and delay you have had is in the past. Thinking about what happened to you yesterday today will only cause the same effects and stop progress and bring on doubt then fear. Setbacks disappointments, delays are all a part of the journey and will always be something we all go through. The ones that might reach success quicker are the ones that bounce up from defeat faster, as no one can avoid it, it is just how you deal with it that separates you from everyone else.

And not everyone can be motivated every day, but if you know what can get you motivated to take more action, you can bounce back faster every time there is a setback. So remember: every day is a new beginning.

“The past does not equal the future - Tony Robbins”